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Iconic Vintage Fashion Designers - Part Five

I'm back this week with the fifth installment of our ever popular Iconic Vintage Fashion Designer series. This time I have four more of the most influential fashion designers of all time under my vintage fashion microscope, delving into more fun and interesting facts about their lives and careers. So let's not waste any time and get started!


Top Five Facts about Donna Karan...

  1. In 1992 Donna Karan was actually the first major designer to use the cold shoulder look that is still very popular today. Her cold shoulder dress was a long sleeved jersey dress with cut-outs.

  2. Donna has always said that her clothes are designed for 'real' women like herself, and not designed for models. Before any item is passed for production, it must first fit and flatter Donna herself.

  3. Donna Karan is a strong believer in astrology. As a Libra, she blames this for her difficulty in making decisions which can often lead to deadline issues and delays.

  4. It is rare to find a photo Karen without a large chunky necklace, she is a huge fan of statement jewellery and loves to accessorise big!

  5. By 2007, Karen was a proud grandmother to seven grandchildren!


Top Five Facts about Pierre Cardin...

  1. Cardin was raised in St. Etienne, France but was actually born in northern Italy where his parents were land owners and wine merchants.

  2. Pierre Cardin was taken under Christian Dior's wing and played a key role in developing the infamous 1947 'New Look' collection.

  3. He always had a love for theatrics and drama in his designs, creating masks and costumes in his early career. This lead to the futuristic and space themed designs in the 1960s, for which he is best known.

  4. Pierre Cardin was commissioned by The Beatles who wore his trademark collarless suits in the swinging sixties!

  5. He was a savvy businessman and was one of the first ever designers to license his designs with his logos - moving into perfume, homeware and accessories to name just a few.


Top Five Facts about Diane von Furstenberg...

  1. Diane is best known for her infamous jersey wrap dress - by 1976 she had sold five million of them!

  2. Her wedding dress was made by Dior but she actually created the design herself and passed it to them to make for her.

  3. She is a former princess! In 1969 she married into German royalty when she wed Prince Egon of Furstenberg. They later separated in 1972 and divorced in 1983 but she kept her married name.

  4. Her mother was a survivor of the holocaust, having been held as a prisoner of Auschwitz a few years before Diane was born.

  5. When she moved to New York with her first husband Prince Egon, she struck up a close friendship with the high profile Vogue editor Diana Vreeland. Diana had DVF printed in the NY fashion week calendar and the rest as they say, is history.


Top Five Facts about Hubert de Givenchy...

  1. He had a very close friendship with the iconic Audrey Hepburn and dressed her for several movies. Most famously of course, in that beautiful black gown for Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  2. Givenchy shunned the expensive fabrics such as silks and satins in his early designs, instead opting for the cotton shirting normally used in making draft patterns. This difference in fabric gave him the edge and proved to be very popular with the buyers.

  3. He had a bromance with Cristobal Balenciaga! The two were inseparable and Givenchy has always said that Balenciaga taught him everything he knew, particularly the art of simple chic design without unnecessary detailing.

  4. His father died of influenza when Hubert was just 3 years old, and he and his older brother were raised by his mother and maternal grandmother.

  5. In 1981 the House of Givenchy was split - the perfume line went to Veuve Clicquot whilst the fashion line was acquired by Louis Vuitton. LVMH now own 'Parfums Givenchy' too.

And there we have it! Another round of interesting and lesser known facts about some of the most revered fashion designers. From Diane von Furstenberg's jersey wrap dresses to Givenchy's bromance with the brilliant Balenciaga - I have throughly enjoyed this week's selection. I'd love to know your favourite facts this time round and I look forward to bringing you another installment very soon!

Until next time

Emma x

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