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Perfect Mother's Day Gifts from My Vintage

Here in the UK, Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday of Lent, usually meaning it falls sometime in March. This year it its Sunday 22nd March so we have a week to go!

Like many of our modern day celebrations, it began as a religious festival where people would visit their "mother church". This is the church they were baptised in and on which they subsequently honour their mother.

It is a sign of the times that Mother’s Day has become more commercialised in recent decades, but it’s still primarily for family time. Younger children might make cards and paintings or small craft projects for their mothers and perhaps give them a break from house chores. Some may be gifted with time to rejuvenate at a salon or a spa or taken out for a brunch or dinner.

If you would like to get a unique and special gift for your mother, grandmother, partner, aunt, sister, friend or any other maternal figure then here at My Vintage we have a whole host of ideas for you. We stock so much more than vintage clothing and I have rounded up some of the best options for Mother's Day Gifts below...

Vintage Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles make such a gorgeous gift. They are lovely props on the dressing table but can also be used and filled with perfume of course. With the rise in popularity of discount non-branded fragrance, this is increasingly a popular way to store and use perfume. We always have a range of vintage perfume bottles available at My Vintage, starting from as little as £6. Visit our Vintage Homeware Department to shop online now.

Vintage Sewing Patterns

If the lucky lady in question is handy with a sewing machine, then a vintage dress/sewing pattern is a really inexpensive but unique and thoughtful gift. We have recently started adding these to the website but we have hundreds more in the shop if you are local. You can find some of these beauties here in our Vintage Accessories Department

Vintage Brooches

Whether it's some bling and sparkle or something more traditional like a vintage cameo, we have so many gorgeous vintage brooches in our vast collection of vintage costume jewellery.

Brooches can be worn on coats, jackets, jumpers, hats and even added to handbags so they make brilliant gifts. Delve in our Vintage Jewellery Department to find these and many other delightful vintage brooches available now.

Vintage Scarves

It's easy to find the perfect vintage scarf to gift to someone special. Seek out their favourite colour or flower in the print for a start. There are so many different options from designer vintage scarves to vintage silk scarves and many different types in-between. Visit our Vintage Accessories Department to find the perfect Mother's Day vintage scarf today.

Vintage Gloves

Another great gift is a pair of vintage gloves. They can be added to so many different outfits, giving that certain air of grace to a special occasion too. If your loved one likes to dress up and co-ordinate then this really is a great option. Again, these beauties and many others can be found in the Vintage Accessories Department on our website.

There are of course many other great gift items available both on and in our Darwen shop. There is still time to have your chosen item delivered and as always if you have any questions at all then feel free to contact us via the website, email, Facebook or Instagram.

Happy shopping and have a lovely Mother's Day no matter what you're planning.

Until next time

Em x



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