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Shoes Glorious Shoes

There is just something about a new pair of shoes – it gives you a feeling of sheer giddiness like nothing else can! Let's face it, we love footwear, and there's probably more out there than you realised. It may have started as a way to protect our delicate human feet, but the shoe is now one of the most important ways that we decorate our body and express our personality. And if you haven't got a pair of vintage shoes yet then the question is why not? Vintage footwear is a must have luxury that you really can afford and simply have to buy...

In the depths of winter there's nothing better than a fabulous pair of boots. The Ugg boot was recently voted one of the favourite fashion trends of the noughties. I know they've seen their day and I can't imagine them reappearing any time soon but going out in warm cosy slippers had never been so trendy! We wore them with jeans, leggings and even with tracksuits for a while. Come on, you know you did, even Kate Moss rocked this one!

We've also toyed with the biker boot in several ways. Most recently, the ankle length version with studded straps has been a real winner. The granddad boot is similar, but with loose untied laces and square toes. And of course we mustn't forget the essential kit for the muddy festival fields – the bright patterned Wellington boot. From orange leopardskin to pink daisies, tartan, glitter, polka dot and everything in-between! For the real hardcore retro lovers, there is also the classic disco dance floor platform boots – super stacked and sparkly or knee-high and white (think Baby Spice meets Mary Quant).

Platforms in general have seen a real re-surge in the last few years. Most high street and designer shoe brands have platforms or flatforms in their collection. They offer that key retro aesthetic but also give height without quite so much stress on the feet and ankles - a win win situation!

But we don't always want to cover up – in the spring and summer we go mad for flats and sandals. The gladiator has been a massive phenomenon of recent years - at it's best in gorgeous metallic leathers. Flip-flops are a must both at home and abroad and pretty much all year round we just simply love our ballet pumps. Round toe, square toe, pointed toe or even no toe – flatties are a girls best friend and look great with any outfit. Most of us own an array of pumps, adorned with everything from bows, gems, ribbons, buttons, studs, zips, diamantés and frills. And then there's colour. From pastels to neons, there is no stone unturned. There was also that particular craze that separated us into definite yes and no camps – the Croc. Plain or fur-lined, in any colour you liked, and loved by holiday-goers and celebrities worldwide. Comfy, funky, hygienic and apparently therapeutic – sounds good right? Nope. let's not start that debate again...

However, comfort doesn't always come first. It's pretty hard to feel girly and glamorous without wearing a pair of killer heels. It's been a while since we've seen the delicate and easy-to-wear kitten heel, it's all about the skyscraper these days. We've probably seen most vintage resurgence in this category, with styles such as the Mary Jane, T-bar shoes, the cone heel, the patterned stiletto and the peep toe being firmly back in the fashion pages from times long passed. An usual style essential came from a strongly Victorian lace up ankle boot – with a sharper toe and a higher thinner heel of course. Our ankles also got cuffed, with deep bands of leather and suede, often with moccasin-type tassels. Wedges also made a comeback, however brief. Espadrilles especially made appearances on long tanned legs for that beach-side Bond girl look. We also all need an extra special pair of party shoes. Many of us salivated over SJP and her Manolo Blahniks, some of us went bonkers for Louboutin and others were desperate to kick back with Jimmy Choo.

Whatever the budget, they had to be high, shiny and very sexy. Forget antiques, forget property, the very prettiest thing you can invest in this year is a pair of super-gorgeous vintage heels. You simply can't lose as these will be the most wanted vintage shoes of the future.

Until next time

Em x

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