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Vintage Boots Were Made for Walking

I think it’s fair to say that most women fit into one of two camps, they’re either a shoe or a boot girl. I am probably more of a shoe girl as my collection of Vans just keeps growing! But I do love a good pair of ankle boots and I’m also quite envious of women who pull off boots so effortlessly. Whether it’s a cool pair of biker boots or something higher and heeled, or just a good old fashioned Chelsea boot - the style is unquestionable. If you feel a light going in your eyes at the mere mention of boots then you’ve come to the right place, because vintage boots are our topic of discussion today.

Boots have to be wearable regardless of era, so when looking for a classic pair make sure they are in reasonable condition. Boots can get away with a little cosmetic wear and tear more so than shoes can, so if they are slightly scratched it’s less important. There will be creasing of course, just make sure this isn’t tearing. What’s great about vintage boots is that they have already been broken in for you!

Boots are made to be worn regardless of age, unlike a compact or a bag which you can just whip out and show people if you don’t want to risk using it. Boots are items of clothing that really demand a wear, and if you’ve found the perfect pair, why hide them? What I love most about boots is how versatile they have become. You can create a look based purely around your vintage boots and play with styles and colours. Some chunky lace up boots could look super cool with a cute and floaty summer dress or you could wear an oversized vintage t-shirt and just add knee boots and a belt. The possibilities are endless and the style rewards are vast.

Shoemaking or boot making for that matter is rapidly becoming a lost art as machine manufacturing has gradually taken over the hand craftsmanship. Therefore the older a boot the better workmanship that has gone into making it, which today would cost crazy amounts of money. In most cases, vintage boots will also be made of much superior materials. Italian leather is particularly good as it is so well made and stands the test of time. If you choose to buy online, make sure the pictures are good quality and the heels and soles are shown clearly. They may be a little pricier, but it’s worth it as the Italian leather is such good quality.

Other boots to look out for are Dr Martens, 80s pixie boots with those lovely Cuban heels and cowboy boots. They’re still popular and although cowboy boots may have you wrinkling your nose, some come exquisitely decorated and do not have that naff line dancing look. Careful research could produce a pair that is so unique and original that you’ll have a pair that no one else has. Knee high usually look better with skinny jeans and leggings, but there are some good looking ankle varieties. And of course we cannot forget my ultimate favourite, the 60s go-go boots. It was thanks to Andre Courreges in 1964 that the go-go boots became such a huge trend and an absolute must have item. Since then they have become synonymous with the cool space-age fashion of the swinging sixties.

Just shop around and keep an eagle eye out for whichever type of boot you’re looking for, you may not even be looking out for a particular variety, but when you see a perfect pair you’ll just know. Always enjoy your search, after all that is the joy of vintage, the search, the find and eventually that all important purchase.

Until next time

Emma x

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