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Unique Vintage Clothing and Vintage Style Clothes

There is an important difference between vintage clothing and vintage style clothing. To be classed as vintage an item must be at least 20 years old, while vintage style pieces are often brand new reproduction of classic designs. Whether you are an avid collector or a complete newbie to the world of vintage fashion, it really helps if you can spot the difference.







The great thing is that both vintage clothes and vintage style and rockabilly style clothing can be extremely stylish, well-made and timeless. A fun and flattering brand new rockabilly dress can be as much as a wardrobe asset as an original beaded 1960s shift dress. You may even find that brand new dress eventually becomes vintage in its own right and you’ll be handing both items down to the kids and grandkids one day.

The key thing is to always do your research. Only buy from reputable sellers and get familiar with the quality of a brand or designer so that whether you’re buying unique vintage clothes or vintage inspired clothing, you’re buying sensibly.

Vintage style clothing has many benefits and it can be a great alternative to unique vintage clothing. By taking the best elements from some of the most stylish eras, designers are producing fabulous clothing for a modern audience.



Vintage style clothing has that same elegant appeal and form-flattering detail that attracts so many of us to vintage fashion in the first place. As an added bonus, vintage style clothing can seamlessly blend into a contemporary wardrobe, since it is made using modern materials and dyes that complement High Street fashion.

One of the major drawbacks of original vintage clothing is sizing. Statistics indicate that the women of yesteryear were smaller - a lot smaller - than we modern fashionistas. Falling in love with a dress only to find it is two sizes too small can be very frustrating, particularly if you had something in mind for a special occasion. This is where vintage style clothing saves the day! Usually available in a range of sizes – and colours – you can choose something that fits and feels just right, in the nostalgic look you love.

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