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Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. These are all names that may spring to mind when thinking of choosing a vintage dress. Famed for their elegance, beauty and class, these women are ideal advocates to push you towards your ‘new’ vintage dresses.

Designed in an era where super skinny and boy like shapes were not the way to go, but where curves and a little something to grab onto were all the rage, vintage dresses are made to celebrate women, not to make their hips look smaller or leaving nothing to the imagination.






Consisting of A-line skirts, the holy grail of femininity and flattery, pencil cuts that, despite belief, actually hide a multitude of sins and staple shift dresses that have become a key part to any woman’s wardrobe, these styles are timeless but not always carried through properly in today’s high street range.

The truth is, there is so much more to actual item of clothing itself when you invest in a vintage dress. They seem to tease out your femininity and instantly make you feel womanly. There is no need to hide your figure with Bridget Jones knickers or shaping underwear, the vintage look in dresses is all about embracing your inner Marilyn or indeed whichever style icon you endeavour to become when wearing your vintage dresses.

This seasons Autumn and Winter lines have all taken inspiration from vintage styles, in particular Rockabilly. Jil Sander showcased fabulous A-line dresses that look like something straight from Grease with a modern twist and Carven had models in shift dresses and box jackets.




























But why go for recreations? With original vintage dresses you are getting the look straight from the horse’s mouth, in its purest form and the authenticity of it is what will make you stand out from everybody else.

The best thing is getting caught up in the nostalgia of the vintage dress, what you’re wearing today could have been worn to a beautiful ball, sat in a drive in or been the transport for a girls first dance, and now it’s time for you to sew your memories into the tapestry of the dress.

My Vintage have a vast range of original vintage dresses dating from the 1920s-1980s. My Vintage also stock brand new alternative clothing, rockabilly dresses and retro dresses in a range of styles and sizes.

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