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1950s vintage clothing

The trade-mark femininity of the 1950s is constantly being re-cycled in contemporary fashion, yet channeling the true feeling of that era can only really be achieved by wearing authentic 50s clothing.





After the rigidity of the post-war era, glamour emerged once again in the 1950s, drawing its inspiration from Parisian couture fashion houses such as Dior and Chanel. However, in order to meet the demands of the masses, the 1950s also saw the birth of off-the-peg clothing which replicated these gorgeous styles. Christian Dior’s “New Look” promised a more feminine silhouette. Women wore sweeping, full-skirted dresses with fitted waists, which were often decorated with frills and bows. At the same time, synthetic fabrics were being manufactured which meant that women could wear white and pastel shades, as these washed more easily and kept their colour.

Another iconic style dress which is connected with the fifties, but still in vogue today, is the figure-hugging “wiggle dress” (think Joan Harris from ‘Mad Men’). More seductive with its slender silhouette, this dress was perfect for accentuating an hour-glass figure. However, despite this passion for feminine styles and cuts, trousers were now a prominent feature of women’s casual wear.














Surprisingly, Hugo Boss was relatively unrecognised as label until its first suit design for men was released in the 1950s. The design was sharp and the fabrics were far lighter than rigid ones used for traditional German suits.

Hairstyles also underwent a makeover for this new fashion era, due in large part to the availability of hair-styling products such as setting sprays, hair-creams and lacquer. A more natural look was favored over the perfectly sculpted 1940s fashion. Even men got involved in the action, with their slick styles and a comb always to hand, which just goes to show that hairstyles were a very important part of the culture.


The 1950s saw a huge variety in styles throughout the entire decade. Circle skirts and poodle skirts were worn by young girls, whilst older women preferred pencil and pleated skirts for a more sophisticated look. Stiletto heels became popular, especially when worn with evening wear. A variety of necklines were used in designs, such as halter, round collar and shawl collar.

















By adding a couple of 50s clothing items to your own wardrobe, your favourite styles and trends of this era can be seamlessly incorporated into your everyday outfits.

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