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Fabulous Ways to Wrap Up in Vintage

The arrival of autumn is always an exciting time for anybody who loves vintage clothes; crisp mornings, plummeting temperatures and crunchy leaves underfoot all mean that it’s time to ditch the sundresses and crack out your fabulous vintage knits and coats. Dressing for the colder months also means that there are plenty of extra accessory options, so you can stay warm and stylish no matter what the weather is like outside.


The best thing about the colder months is that you simply get to wear more clothes! One of the easiest ways of staying warm while looking fantastic is to layer up those vintage separates. Adding a little hand-knitted jumper over the top of a fifties day dress will not only keep you warm, but make sure you’re in keeping with the look of the era; while pairing a pencil skirt with a retro blouse and cardigan will keep you cosy on the inside when it’s freezing on the outside. it’s best to keep cardigans and jackets above your waistline if you want to maintain that 50s hourglass shape, if in doubt just add a belt to cinch in at the middle!


One of the key advantages of wearing vintage during the winter is that the fabrics tend to be heavier than modern ones; sumptuous woollen coats in jewel tones, real and faux furs and oversized collars just dying to be turned up are all popular looks for the colder months. When buying yours, make sure that there is enough room underneath for some serious layers, but that it still fits on the shoulders and sleeves. I love vintage swing coats and vintage capes for this exact reason.

Collars, scarves and snoods

Having a great coat is one of the most important parts of winter dressing, but without the right accessories around your neck, the wind will be whistling down your front before you even close the front door. Scarves come in all shapes and sizes, from huge chunky snood-styles to the more delicate silk and cotton scarves that will keep you warm without swamping you; we have a huge selection of these in the shop and more will be added to the website in the coming weeks too. If you fancy something a little more bulky, why not try a vintage fur or faux fur collar? These glamorous looking little accessories can be put over dresses, cardigans, jumpers and coats, and really help to make an outfit stand out.


While you might not need to keep the sun out of your eyes, the cold temperatures of the winter months make it the ideal time to explore the world of hats. Fans of the twenties and thirties can opt for dainty cloche styles or berets, while anyone wanting something to keep their head that bit warmer can channel Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago and don a little furry number.

Keep your eyes peeled on the website over the coming autumn and winter for lots of gorgeous new arrivals in vintage coats, vintage scarves, vintage jumoers, vintage cardigans, vintage boots, vintage hats and more!

Until next time

Emma x


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