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Fave Five - Vintage Earrings

A pair of vintage earrings will never betray you! No matter how your shape or style changes, a classic pair of earrings will always stay loyal and make you feel good. You can easily find both pierced earrings and clip-on style depending on your preference and there are so many different styles, sizes, gems and colours that with a little time you can find the perfect pair for you.

This week’s Fave Five is dedicated to Vintage Earrings and I have had a hard time narrowing down my favourite as we have so many fantastic pairs in stock. You can find all of these and many more in our ever-popular Vintage Jewellery department. You can so simply click or tap on any of the photos below to be taken straight to the product page for that item. So let’s have a look at my Fave Five Vintage Earrings…

1. Vintage Purple Bead Drop Earrings £14

Cute vintage clip-on earrings in vivid purple with highlights of pink and turquoise. Each earring hangs approx 2.5" long. Metal clip ons. In very good vintage condition.

2. Vintage Diamanté & Pearl Flower Earrings £18

Very pretty 50s/60s clip on earrings in flower shape with diamantés and central faux pearl cabochon. Gold tone metal. Measures approx 1” x 1”. In very good vintage condition. From our range of vintage jewellery, vintage earrings and 60s vintage.

3. 1910s Antique Silver Filigree Teardrop Earrings £30

Wow, this is a seriously beautiful pair of antique earrings. Ornate and elaborate filigree teardrops with large irridescent stones that catch the light in a rainbow of hues. Screw closure. Measures approx 1.5" long. In very good vintage condition with no missing stones.

4. Vintage 1960s Pink Bead Cluster Earrings £14

Stunning vintage earrings from the 60s in bright vibrant pink. Clustered beads with clip-on fastenings. Measures approx 1.5” wide. In very good vintage condition.

5. 1960s Vintage Blister Pearl Drop Earrings £24

Beautifully made vintage earrings from the 1960s in classic clip-on style. Dark gold metalwork with engraving. Large statement faux blister pearls. Each earring measures just over 2.5" long and just over 1" wide. In very good vintage condition.

A great selection of vintage earrings I hope you agree. Vintage earrings also make a fantastic gift for any vintage or retro fan, something totally unique and beautiful that doesn’t break the bank.

Until next time

Emma x

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