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Fave Five - Vintage Hats

A hat can make or break a vintage ensemble. The right headpiece delivers the finishing touch for a head-turning retro look. Here at My Vintage, our racks are filled to the brim with rare original hats from bygone eras. When curating our inventory, we hand pick quality vintage pieces ranging from delicate fascinators to dramatic wide brims. Our collection traverses classic cloches, whimsical flower crowns, stately top hats, flirty berets and avant garde statement pieces that demand attention.

Each hat carries a story and displays expert craftsmanship. We inspect ornate details like ribbon trims, feathers, netting and handmade embellishments. Materials range from felts, straws and wool to satin, lace and leather. We ensure each piece is cleaned, repaired and ready for the modern spotlight before adding it to our online vintage boutique.

At My Vintage, we help you put together marvellous vintage looks crowned with era-evoking hats. All products are ethically sourced and carefully curated by our knowledgeable team. This week we bring you our current Fave Five from the available stock at

1. Vintage 1930s/40s Red Studded Capulet Hat £28

This late 1930s/early 1940s capulet style hat is one of our favourites! Deep red velvet with self fabric bow and leaf detail on the crown and decorated with diamante studs. Inner circumference is approx 21". There are a couple of damage spots that could be moths but generally in good vintage condition.

2. 1940s Vintage Taupe Wide Brim Summer Hat £35

Embrace the 1940s glamour in the sunshine with this stunning wide-brimmed hat. Rich and earthy taupe colour with large feature bow and under-chin elastic strap. Inner label says this hat should not be worn in the rain. Inner circumference is approx 21.5" and total width is approx 13.5" x 11.5". In very good vintage condition.

3. 1970s Vintage Cherry Print Floppy Sun Hat £22

Cute vintage floppy sun hat made from a cotton fabric printed with adorable retro cherries, Made in Thailand. Easy to wear, perfect for holidays and sunny weather. Non stretch. Inner circumference measures approx 23". In very good vintage condition.

4. 1960s Vintage Navy Feather & Veil Pillbox Hat £25

Very glamorous vintage pillbox hat from the 1960s in classic navy blue. Complete with netted veil and large flourishing feather details at the back. Subtle elastic strap for under the chin to secure in place. Labelled as 100% polyester Made in England. Inner circumference approx 20". In very good vintage condition.

5. 1970s Vintage Green Brushed Wool Hat £22

Dapper vintage hat from the 1970s in a beautiful mid-green shade. Tall rounded hat with curved brim and decorative ribbon detail finished with a gold stud. Inner circumference is approx 21.5". Some water marking on the ribbon on close inspection but generally in very good vintage condition.

Remember - the right headpiece can elevate any outfit. Our vintage hats add the finishing accent to achieve an authentic head-to-toe vintage look brimming with historic charm. Visit us online or in person to uncover hidden treasures from fashion’s past. However you choose to top off your vintage ensemble, we hope it reflects your own style story while making a statement across the ages.

Until next time

Emma x

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