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How To Rock Vintage Accessories

The right accessories can elevate your outfit from drab to fab, turn your office wear into evening wear, or make a style statement like no other. Vintage accessories add a unique flair that can’t be replicated, but you have to know when to go bright and bold, and when to hold back and be more subtle.

Follow my quick and easy guide to learn how, where and when to work some of our favourite vintage accessories.

The Vintage Hat

When did we all stop wearing hats? A good hat is the epitome of elegance; the finishing touch to any ensemble - but nowadays it seems they have been relegated to weddings and cold windy weather.

A classic 1920s style feathered scalp cap is practical as well as chic. Those glossy feathers keep the rain off, and the classic shape looks amazing with short hair or long curls. For more everyday wear, the 1970s often have the most wearable and affordable styles. I've picked out this chic 1970s vintage beret in neutral cream, instant style and under £25!

The Vintage Handbag

A smart vintage handbag never goes out of style; choose a vintage bag in a versatile colour that will tone in with many different outfits to really get your money’s worth. Whether you go for genuine leather or a replica material, vintage handbags have one very important thing in common and that is excellent craftsmanship. Unlike many of the high street and designer brands today, vintage handbags were usually handcrafted and expertly sewn. You can pick up a handbag that is 50 years old and still looks unused. Offering the perfect mix of quality, style and versatility; I have chosen this 1970s tan leather satchel bag, one of my all time favourites.

The Vintage Scarf

A printed scarf can be many things: a turban, a hair band, a belt, a bonnet, a table cloth, a bag, and of course, an actual neck scarf. Channel Lucille Ball by teaming a top-tied headscarf with a cute 50s inspired jumper or sweet polka dot tea dress. Or go for a more rockabilly look with turned up jeans, a fitted vest and Converse complete with a bright headscarf (full sleeve of ink optional!) Perfect for bad hair days. Vintage scarves also make a fantastic gift as they are unique, versatile, interesting and very affordable. I have chosen this striking black, red and taupe striped scarf at just £12!

The Vintage Sunglasses

Nothing sets off a vintage outfit like an amazing pair of retro shades and the more unique they are, the better! Cat's eye styles are eternally chic, while coloured rims add a touch of vintage glamour. Perfect for sunny days by the sea or bright winter drives. A pair of designer vintage sunglasses are a great investment too and like most original vintage, can only ever grow in value. I have picked out a pair of my current favourites; these stylish oversized Guy Laroche designer sunglasses.

The Vintage Belt

A wide stretch belt with a killer buckle should be a staple of every Rockabilly girl’s wardrobe. The stretch fabric will cinch your waist to retro proportions, while a big shiny buckle simply screams attitude. Wear over vintage dresses or separates to create definition or illusion. You can also find great vintage leather belts to wear with jeans, in a rainbow of colours. Again, craftsmanship is always going to be strong and your vintage belts can last for many more decades to come. I've chosen a wide stretch belt from the 1980s with a chunky feature buckle. Ideal with so many outfits and less than £25!

As I'm sure you can see, small details really do add up to beautiful outfits. Of course you can also be clever with accessories whether they are original vintage or retro inspired; giving certain styles of clothing a particular spin on a certain era; or mix it all up for your own unique and inspired look.

Visit My Vintage for a wide range of original vintage accessories, vintage handbags, vintage scarves, vintage hats, vintage sunglasses and much, much more. When non essential shops are re-opening we will confirm our opening date on social media and you can then visit our vintage boutique based in Darwen, Lancashire for even more vintage goodies.

Until next time

Emma x

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