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Top 20 Fashion Hacks Exposed!

Shussshhhh... draw the curtains, unplug the telephone and make sure you are alone... we are about to expose some of the fashion industry's best kept secret hacks, tricks and tips... Keep it under your hat (OK, maybe you should share it with a few of your besties first)

Create long legs instantly – Simply invest in a pair of nude heels. Patent, suede or leather, they're easy to source, always on trend and guaranteed to give you a longer leg line. And always avoid ankle straps, they cut you off at the ankle and make your legs appear shorter.

Fix an emergency dropped hem – Use a little piece of of micro-pore bandage tape. It will hold without damaging even the most delicate of fabrics and is flexible so won't be detected. And it's an easy item to keep in your handbag.

Stop a clingy static skirt – Just attach a safety pin in the reverse of the skirt where it can't be seen. Hey presto, no sticking! (Trust us, this really works)

Repair scuffed heels – Re-paint the heels with same colour nail varnish. Shiny and new again! You can even choose a completely contrasting colour or add a splash of colour to tie in with a handbag or outfit detail.

Get rid of sticky residue on new shoes – Rub with a nail varnish removing pad or nail varnish on cotton wool, simple as that.

Fix a stuck zip – Rub the zip with a plain bar of soap. This creates a wax for the zip to move again. You can also try rubbing the area with a pencil, this can work just as well.

Detect a real pearl – Pop it in your mouth and rub your teeth over it. Smooth = fake but gritty = real.

Keep patent perfect - Whether it be shoes or bags, patent leather needs to retain it's shine and gloss. The best way to clean and restore this sparkling look is with glass cleaner and a micro-fibre cloth. Buff it to the perfect sparkle.

Avoid holes in the toes of your tights – spray with tonnes of cheap sticky hairspray before you put your shoes on. Voilà, your tootsies won't be poking through!

Get rid of musty smell from vintage clothing – Make up a spray of two parts water and one part vodka. Shake like crazy and spray the affected area. Smells will disappear and no false perfumed smells will remain as they would with "fabric refreshers".

Walk in skyscraper heels – The knack here is to control with your stomach muscles, not your legs. If you need practice with a new pair, get down to the supermarket. The trolley will stop you falling over whilst you build up your confidence! If your new heels are a little tight, wear them around the house with thick fluffy socks to stretch them a little.

Wear a ring that is too big – If that gorgeous vintage ring is just too big then use a bit of blue-tack on the inside of your finger. No-one will see and you won't lose your gorgeous bit of hand candy!

Revamp vintage espadrilles - Buy a kneadable eraser from any arts and crafts shop. Start to work in your hand until warmed up, then rub and dab along the weave of the straw until all the marks are absorbed.

Stop squeaky shoes – Remove the insole and rub Vaseline around the edge before replacing. This will stop that horrible squeaking! It also smells pretty good and is safe for skin.

Keep your leather handbag supple – When it comes to leather, it's all about the lubrication. The best thing to use is hand cream so dig out those unwanted Christmas gift sets! Starting with a small amount, just working it into the leather. Repeat the process every couple of weeks and your leather will thank you. It'll look fresh and new for so much longer and smell lovely too.

Wear a low cut loose top with confidence – Buy a roll of toupee tape and attached a small piece to either side of the neckline. This will keep your modesty intact!

Get a 10 second boob job – Use the same powder contour/bronzer that you've used on your face and sweep down your chest and into your cleavage. This will create a shadow that makes your bust look bigger in a flash!

No more make-up stained collars - Foundation creating havoc with your collars? Simply spray on a little shaving foam and wipe those marks clean away!

Get suede clean - if you have suede shoes with dirty marks, don't wet them! Simply use a nail file to buff away the dirt and leave the surface perfect.

Perfect collars every time - if you struggle to get those shirt collars perfect with your big bulky iron, simply use hair straighteners and reach all those little creases!

So there we have it, stylist and fashion insider secrets revealed – this article will self destruct in 30 seconds!

Until next time

Emma x

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