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Vintage for the Home

Decorating your home is one of life’s little pleasures. Your space is an extension of your personality; whether it’s a one bed studio flat, a little mid terrace or a spacious modern family home. Making your little place in the world look stylish, cosy and welcoming is so rewarding in more ways than one.

If you are a fan of a little vintage or retro aesthetic, you may be interested in bringing the charm, romance and nostalgia into your home as well as your outfit. There are so many great ways to add a little vintage glamour to your space, and it’s much easier than you might think. Here are a few of my top tips:

1) You don’t have to spend hours hunting down the most garish original 60s wallpaper to get an authentic vintage vibe. Just sourcing a few vintage homewares you love can utterly transform your space. Build a small collection of kitsch objects and display them pride of place on a shelf or in a cabinet or unit. Even better, find items you can actually use like a vintage telephone or a vintage transistor radio and to really take you back to the golden age. This vintage Bush radio is a perfect example, probably one of the most recognisable and iconic retro homeware items...

2) Create a feature gallery wall in your living room or entrance hall with vintage prints, old photographs and new art in both antique and modern frames. Mix and match colours, styles and textures in your display for a really eclectic and fun look!

3) Have a Mad Men cocktail evening. Nothing oozes more glamour and show-stopping style than a cocktail bar area. If you can splash the cash, a vintage drinks cabinet will look phenomenal in your living or dining room. Stock up on vintage glassware, a cute ice bucket and of course a vintage cocktail shaker like this great stainless steel one I have picked out from our current stock. Oh, and don’t forget the umbrellas! I’ll take an extra cherry with my Manhattan please!

4) Embrace the brand new too! Opt for vintage style homewares to effortlessly blend retro style into a modern home. Look for sensitively manufactured pieces that are of a high quality and true to the original designs. Also think about colour palettes. For those real 1960s vibes the rich autumnal ones of mustard, green and burnt orange are a winner. If you prefer a more kitsch 1950s aesthetic then pastel hues are your friend. Something like this bright red vintage inspired telephone would make such a great feature on a desk or on a hairpin leg table next to a funky chair. There are so many possibilities...

5) Always remember to have fun with decorating, only buy things you truly love. There doesn't have to be a rule book when it comes to expressing yourself and making your home perfect for you. Keep Marie Kondo in mind and be sure to fill your home with things that spark joy.

I hope this post has given you a little interior inspiration. Whether you undertake a big project or something smaller, please be sure to send me some pictures of your gorgeous interiors or tag My Vintage on social.

Until next time

Emma x

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