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Vintage is Here to Stay

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

In fashion, we simply have to look back in order to look forward. We are living in a fast paced retro vintage clothing era that has developed at break neck speed around us. With as little help from the music industry, the internet and our undeniable celebrity culture, fashion has evolved into an essential way of life for so many of us. We see multi coloured tights, eighties band tees, plastic bracelets, denim cut off shorts, beaded necklaces, retro sunglasses and lumberjack checked shirts on a daily basis both on the street and on the pages of the magazines we read. This generation of retro vintage has turned us into walking art exhibitions – each one of us adorning our bodies with a myriad of clothing, shoes and accessories in a rainbow of colours and styles.

Vintage Clothing | Vintage Fashion | Vintage Style

And this isn’t restricted to women, men are taking more care of themselves and have an image awareness stronger than any we’ve seen before. Men’s fashion takes pride of place in all our favourite department stores and even our trusty “lads mags/websites” now have style and trend sections. And us girls love it! Forget the pros and cons of the nineties metrosexuality, whether a man chooses skinny, slouch or worker jeans seems to say a lot about him and his interests.

We have become so much more inertly retrospective in our fashion mindset. We have seen these cuts, fabrics, prints and shapes in bygone eras and we have worn certain parts of our wardrobe past season, but can now dust off the cobwebs and revitalise them. Only, this time around, nothing is off limits. Fashion rules are flexible, not as harsh and clearly defined as they once were. Flamboyance isn’t essential, but it’s not far off.

There is a very definite trend seeking quality in most of us, but that seems to take a more relaxed approach to interpretation. This seems to be where vintage clothing sits so very solidly in modern day culture. Trends come and go as the high streets chains rush and scurry around to keep up with the ever-changing media and demand. Yet, our favourite vintage stores and websites continue to dole out beautiful pieces of timeless style history, with an effortless air. There is always something available that fits the current trend yet there is just as much to choose from for the more individual looks. The vintage retailers are most definitely here to stay as a staple of our everyday fashion buying.

Vintage Dresses | Vintage Clothing | Unique Vintage

As we move into the next decade, we gain even more fashion history from the nineties and noughties. Looking ahead to summer 2019, who knows if global hypercolour t-shirts, shell suits and palazzo trousers will be making a return to the catwalks! We may all be having warehouse raves again by the end of the year or the next clean cut boy band or girl band may take a resurgence in the charts.

One thing is for certain – vintage clothing will never stop being beautiful. That extra special vintage dress will never be worn by someone else at the same party. Those vintage shoes will always make you walk with a spring in your step. Our vintage wardrobes will continue to grow and flourish as we do and are always guaranteed to make us smile and brighten up any rainy (or snowy) day.

Thanks for reading, until next time


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