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Vintage Skirt Infographic

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Vintage Skirts

My Vintage bring you this quick reference infographic on the history of the skirt from the 1950s circle skirt to the 1960s mini skirt and the 1970s maxi skirt.

Did you know that the skirt is the second oldest piece of clothing to be worn, only loin cloths are known to be older!

Fun fact - The skirt wasnt just for ladies, skirts were the regular attire of both men and women in ancient times.

Vintage Skirts Infographic | Fashion Infographic | Vintage Fashion Infographic

Please feel free to share our infographic and don't forget you can shop 24/7 on our website or visit our vintage shop based in Darwen, Lancashire for even more original vintage clothing, accessories and jewellery.

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