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Vintage Tops for your Summer Wardrobe

As summer warms up the weather, our wardrobes also have a little change up and this is especially true with the tops we wear. Dresses are gorgeous for summer but there are also so many gorgeous combinations of separates to be had to create super cool outfits. Did you even realise how many types of tops there were? Well here is my breakdown of the best styles to make sure you're top of the tops for Summer 2020.

Bandeau Top

Tube tops can be difficult or off-putting to wear as they obviously have no straps to hold them up. They therefore must be tight to stay in place so that can sometimes feel a little daunting. However, boob tune tops can look fabulous and are great for avoiding tan marks! Wear with something a little looser in fitting for balance such as an a-line skirt or with wide leg trousers. Another cute look is to wear with tight cycling shorts or joggers and throw an oversize shirt or track top over. Bandeau tops are also great as foundation/modesty wear if you have a dress or top which shows a little more cleavage or side boob than you are comfortable with. A plain black or white tube top is a great piece to keep in your wardrobe.

Halter Top

A halter-neck top is one that ties, or has a single strap of fabric, around your neck and leaves your upper back exposed. Halter tops come in every fabric from tight to rouched to flowing, and come in a wide variety of prints. You can also create your own halter top with any large scarf – wrap under your arms like a towel then bring the two corners up to your neck, crossover and then tie behind the neck. Looks great over a bikini or with shorts to hang out in the garden. Go for a large vintage scarf in any pattern or print for a totally unique look.

Cap Sleeved Top

Usually a shirt or tee with a shorter sleeve than normal that forms a stiff cap or falls on to arms providing minimal coverage just over the shoulders. This can be lovely and cool in summer whilst being more formal than a vest, perfect for work or working from home. Cap sleeves are also good for covering bra straps so keeping a more chic look whilst not over-heating. In recent seasons, these cap sleeves have often featured more of a frill or ruffle but this can make the shoulders appear wider. To counteract this, simply balance out your frame with wide leg trousers or a more bold print on the bottom half. Et voila!

Peasant Top

These romantic style tops are so on trend right now. Featuring ruffles and tiers, it is usually made from free flowing materials like silk, viscose or chiffon. Often printed with ditsy florals in vintage pastels and neutral shades. These tops are really easy to wear with leggings or jeans but certain versions can work with skirts and shorts too. Peasant tops can also be known as gypsy tops and have a real boho vibe that works great for a vintage summer aesthetic.

Tunic Top

A simple slip on garment usually long enough to cover the bum. Has seen a resurgence recently as it goes perfectly with leggings or skinny jeans. Military, floral, nautical and block colour are just some of the more popular styles available. Look for vintage tunic tops and vintage kaftans this summer.

One Shoulder Top

Feminine and sexy, these tops are a great way of showing more flesh with a quirkier twist. These were huge in the 1980s and are still heavily influenced by the era today. One shoulders look great on dresses and playsuits, but you can easily create the same impact with a one shoulder top. Look out for simple one shoulder vintage t-shirts as well as evening tops in chiffon and lace. You can really play with this style and team a really glamorous one shoulder top with simple jeans or a casual skirt as well as making a one shoulder cotton top super glam with accessories that sparkle and shimmer. Another huge trend is wearing an oversize top and letting it fall off the shoulder at one side for that effortless chic look.

Crop Top

Don't panic, this kind of top really isn't as scary as it may first sound. Every single woman can wear a crop top with pride! You can go for a fitted bra-style crop top but what's really in vogue is super slouchy tees and sweatshirts in a shorter length. Go for marl greys and rainbow brights, often with retro prints and slogans. Great teamed with denim cut offs or even maxi skirts for a real hippy vibe. It is also super easy to make your own crop tops. Simply use a cool vintage t-shirt that is at least 2 or 3 sizes bigger than your usual size. Hold it up against you and mark about an inch lower than where you would like it to sit. Using a very sharp pair of scissors, simply cut along at the marked level and et voila - you have a cool and unique vintage crop top.

So don't think a t-shirt or vest top is your only option this summer season, try one of these looks instead - you never know you might surprise yourself! You can check out our range of vintage tops 24/7 if you want to treat yourself to a new summer staple delivered to your door. You can also come and browse our rails of vintage clothing and retro clothing as of Monday 15th June 2020 as our shop is finally able to re-open after being closed since March under government legislation. We can't wait to welcome you into our little Aladdin's cave once again. See you soon!

Until next time

Emma x

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