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Fashion Icons of the 1980s

From power dressing to leg warmers and all the sequins you could ever want, not to mention the blue eyeshadow, hot pink lips and huge hair - there is no mistaking 80s fashion whether you love it or hate it! It was a decade of excess and the word subtle was never involved in fashion. Outrageous and outlandish, wealth and glamour went hand in hand and the creativity and expression in fashion was at an all time high.

From large vintage earrings to cute and colourful vintage dresses, the main style objective in the 80s was to stand out, whether male or female. If you were there in the heyday or just love all things eighties, or even if you aren't the biggest fan of this fashion era; you have got to take a look at our top Fashion Icons of the 1980s.


From wearing underwear as outerwear to her trademark lacy gloves, crucifix chains and love of Boy London jeans - Madonna was an undisputed fashion icon. Most 80s clothing worth wearing was worn by this absolute icon.

Whitney Houston

Whitney really knew how to work the 80s glam look. She was a flawless icon with her huge curly hair and statement jewellery. One of her key iconic looks would be lightwash denim jeans with a cute bralet and embellished jacket - a look that would still look great today.

Grace Jones

Characters don't come much bigger and bolder than Grace Jones, and her fashion was just as out-there. Her androgynous look would often feature tailored suits, large exaggerated shoulder pads and corsetry along with heavy makeup and dramatic hair.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Bringing some amazing 80s looks both off screen and as her iconic character Kelly Kapowski in teen sitcom Saved by the Bell. This girl had so many glorious shorts and crop top combos! And there aren't many who can pull off double denim like she did.

Jerry Hall

The 80s brought us the first ever supermodels of the world - one of which being the stunning Jerry Hall. This Texan beauty was photographed all over the world in all the best fashion designers and had an undeniable glamour in her beautiful 80s cocktail dresses and stiletto heels.

Princess Diana Spencer

Diana was such an icon in so many ways, and fashion was most certainly one of them. She had such a natural flair for style and could look amazing in the most simple to the most fancy of outfits. Her infamous wedding dress had the longest train in royal-wedding history at a whopping 25 feet! She also rocked that sweatshirt and cycling shorts look that's gained such fashion momentum in 2021.

Molly Ringwauld

Molly was undoubtedly the indie queen of the 80s 'Brat-Pack' and starred in some of the biggest teen high school movies, including Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. Her preppy 80s look often featured relaxed trousers, silk shirts and cute blazers as well as awesome vintage hats and brooches.

Boy George

Think British pop music in the 1980s, think Boy George. He was part of the New Romantics movement but still added his own flair and sense of style to this dramatically different look. His dreadlocks were covered with ribbons and bows and he often layered with long shirts, big coats and chunky boots as well as colourful makeup and accessories.

If you are ready to add some amazing 80s vintage gems then head over to our online vintage shop and if you need some specific inspiration then don't forget you can contact me anytime via email or through any of our social channels and I will be more than happy to help.

Until next time

Emma x



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