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How To Transform Your Wardrobe Without Spending a Penny!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

There's really nothing like that feeling of wearing a brand new outfit. It makes you feel bright, fresh and confident, with a real spring in your step. But of course, new clothes mean spending money, and it's not usually possible to constantly treat ourselves. When the expenses of life and family mean that our little luxuries are further down the priorities list, it can leave us feeling a little blue.

But what if I told you that you could still have that new outfit feeling with the clothes you already own? Yes really! There are a few clever ways I can teach you that can totally transform your wardrobe and your look. It's not about the clothes you own, it's about seeing them in a new light and reinventing the way you wear them. Trust me, I guarantee that in this blog post I can help you to find at least one new combination to make you smile from ear to ear!

1. Tuck it in

I'm starting with potentially the scariest of all the options, and something that many of us tend to avoid - tucking tops in to skirts and trousers. It can be a daunting thought if you are used to leaving things loose and prefer to feel more covered up, but actually wearing tops tucked in can be so much more flattering. It completely transforms the silhouette and shows off your waist. Whether its a shirt, jumper, turtle neck, t-shirt or any other kind of top, both loose or fitted, just try a few combinations and pay attention to the difference in shape. This works best with higher waisted bottoms, and even just hitching your skirt a little higher on your waist can make a big difference.

2. Add a Belt

You may already be a fan of wearing belts, but if not then this is most definitely worth a try. Even if you don't think you have ever bought a belt, it's very likely that there is one hanging around in your wardrobe that came with an item of clothing.

One of the easiest ways to wear a belt is to simply add it to a dress. The general rule of thumb is to wear it at your smallest point. That could be under the bust or on the waist whether that be high or low. Just play around with it and you will be rocking that hourglass shape before you know it. This is great for both creating and balancing curves, so from petite to plus size, a belt really can be your new best friend!

3. Button Up

We all have at least a couple of trusty cardigans in our wardrobe, usually to add a bit of warmth or comfort to an outfit. It's worth grabbing your cardigans, no matter what kind of thickness or fabric, and trying them on buttoned up. This can create a really cute jumper, and can possibly be mixed with the previous two ideas too. By tucking in or adding a belt, you can still wear a thick or baggy garment without losing shape.

4. Layer Up

This has been a real game changer for me! It's amazing how you can create really cute outfits by wearing a t-shirt or shirt under a dress. You can take something like a sleeveless shift dress and pop a collared shirt under it and suddenly you have the most amazing 60s-inspired look! Work the 90s trend by adding a plain white tee underneath a strappy dress in the spring. Striped Breton tops are great for this kind of look too. Get experimenting!

5. Sleeve Edits

Another very simple but effective tweak is to play with folding and rolling up sleeves. If you have a short sleeved top or dress, one simple fold up of around 1 or 2cm can give a whole new look. As for long sleeved garments, simply roll, fold or hitch up the sleeves to the elbow for an injection of chic.

6. Switch Up Shoes

This is loads of fun! Simply switch up your normal shoe matches... a fancy dress you wear with heels? Add trainers! A sporty or super casual outfit? Get those platforms on! It's amazing how much shoes can change the whole look and feel of an outfit and this can open up so many possibilities for new combination.

7. Trouser Turn Ups

Just like tops. a simple turn up at the bottom of jeans or trousers can make an entirely different look. Obviously this doesn't work with certain fabrics and styles of trousers but as a rule of thumb, structured fabric like denim works like a dream. You can also use this method to slightly taper trousers that would other wise be straight-legged or bootcut.

8. Scarves, Hats and Bags

You may (like me) already be someone who likes to wear scarves. However, if you don't often accessorise in this way then it is most certainly time to try. A long floaty rectangular scarf looks great just worn untied around the neck with jeans and a t-shirt or a daytime dress. Square scarves are great worn at the neck under coats and cardigans and smaller scarves are ideal to wear in the hair or around the head. Hats add a certain flair to outfits at any time of the year and then of course there are bags. Most of us use the same handbag every day but if you have a few that don't get much use; why not try creating new outfits with them. You can then hang a pre-planned outfit up in your wardrobe and possibly even hand the handbag from the hanger too. Getting ready will never have been so organised!

9. Be Bold

We can all fall into habits with certain colours and wearing certain items together. It's also the same with patterns. Most of us will team a patterned item with a plain one, but clashing patterns can work really well too. Checks teamed with spots or florals contrasting with geometrics can look very on-trend.

Colours can be split into certain groups too. Pastels, jewel tones such as red, cobalt blue and emerald and then more neutral tones. Colours from the same groups are certain to work together and you can also get creative with some colour clashing. Just have fun with it!

10. Say Goodbye

Once you have pulled out all those older and less-loved items from your wardrobe and tried all these methods, you should have a few new outfits you're excited to rock. Now it's time to have a clear out! You know what items will work together and which ones can be transformed or tweaked. If you still have things that are redundant then they really need to go. You can raise a little cash by selling them on local selling sites, social media or eBay. Alternatively, your local charity shops will be thrilled with the donations.

And finally, if it doesn't fit, let it go! Life is way too short to keep clothes to 'slim in to' and that is such a negative energy to have sitting in your closet. If it doesn't fit and it can't be used in a new outfit combination then trust me, it's time to say goodbye. You can thank me later!

I hope you have been able to take a little inspiration from these ten advice points. It won't cost you a penny and you're gonna be feeling a million dollars in no time!

Don't forget to send me your outfits pics via our instagram @myvintageuk I would love to see them!

Until next time Emma x



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