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Top 5 Body Shapes and How to Dress Them

When it comes to clothing, I'm a firm believer that size does not dictate anything you should or shouldn't wear. What I do believe though, is that certain garments and cuts of clothes are more suited to different body shapes. If you can identify your body shape, the size is totally irrelevant and this opens up a world of new possibilities for your style.

So what is your body shape? I'm sure you're familiar with hourglass, apple and pear – but did you know there are actually 12 different female body shapes? Each one as unique and defined as the next, and all easy to identify. In this guide, I look closer at the 5 most common body types and give you some great tips on how to use your clothing to flatter and accentuate what mother nature gave you!

The Hourglass

If you've got big boobs, curvy hips and a nipped in waist then you're the quintessential hourglass figure. You may not realise this, but you actually have the most sought after and desired body shape so whatever you do, don't hide it!

What to wear? Don't panic when I say this, but your best friend is fitted clothing. You should clasp your curves and stretch your torso, so opt for V-neck cardigans and tight pencil skirts. If you prefer a slightly looser dress or top, make sure you highlight that waist buy cinching with a belt. Slay those curves mama!

The Pear

This is all about proportion, and certainly not weight. Your top half is trim and balanced and you have wide hips and thick thighs. You may also feel your legs, calves and ankles lack shape.

What to wear? High waisted and flat fronted trousers can be your best friend. but it's best to avoid any patterns or pockets around the hips and waist. Wearing a feature belt over dresses or coats will put focus on your waist and create balance. You can also play with feature sleeves, ruffles and shoulder pads as this draws attention to your top and creates balance.

The Apple

The roundest of all the body shapes, and perfect for cuddling! You are usually the least confident but an apple shape is often just a little puppy fat or the dreaded middle age spread. Instead of draping yourself in yards of fabric, embrace your shape and adapt your style. Your body can easily be redefined if you choose the right clothing.

What to wear? Avoiding any extra bulk is key, so skirts and trousers should be side fastening and flat fronted. Traditional jeans aren't great with apples but if you like your denim then try a tailored, wide leg denim trouser. A small shaped wedge is the perfect shoe to show off your shapely legs. Accessorise like crazy, the bigger the better!

The Rectangle

A boyish figure doesn't mean you have to compromise your femininity in any way. The rectangle shape has lesser defined curves and has quite equal bust, waist and hip measurements, often termed as 'straight up and down'. This was the most desired body shape for the 1960s mod look and you can still work this beatnik aesthetic perfectly.

What to wear? Hands down, when it comes to dresses you can rock a shift dress with ease. If you want to accentuate curves, the key is to create more of a waist. You can do this with a full skirt and cinched belt or leave your waist as it is and create more volume above and below. You can also wear bold patterns and even clash them top and bottom to create strategic interest.

The Lollipop

The envy of many, and perfect for the red carpet. In evening wear you have it all – buxom boobs and slim legs that go on for miles! But daywear can be a little trickier, you find it hard to balance your shape.

What to wear? Bell bottom or flared trousers will balance out our big boobs, making you feel less top heavy. The same applies to full skirts with lots of tulle! Try day dresses with isolated pleats to draw attention to your waist. Maxi dresses with deep V-necks are also fantastic for lollipops.

So there we have it, a few pointers on subtle ways to dress the best for your unique shape. Of course as with all fashion, there are no hard and fast rules, you should express yourself however you with in clothes. But my hints and tips should give you a few pointers that may open up different options for your wardrobe and give you the confidence to explore some new looks!

Until next time

Emma x

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