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We Love Vintage Petticoats!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I just don’t think it’s possible to wear a glorious vintage petticoat without immediately twirling and whirling around the room! And I think that’s exactly why we love them so much here at My Vintage!

Vintage Petticoats | Vintage Net Underskirts | Vintage Clothing

The whole fun and beauty of 1950s fashion is most definitely infectious; harking back to the bygone innocence of excited teenage girls spinning and giggling with their beau’s on the dance floor, or waiting to be chosen to dance next.

I just love the romantic idea of pretty pastel swing dresses with layers of netting, bobby socks and pumps and milkshakes in the diner… it’s every little girl’s dream, and if you’re anything like me; there’s nothing more comforting than those childhood dreams and memories.

Vintage New Underskirt | Vintage Petticoat | Vintage Fashion

One thing I have heard many times from ladies in the shop, is the common misconception that some how wearing a petticoat under your gorgeous swing skirt, is somehow less flattering and can make you look bigger. Definitely not the case...

Let’s get this myth dispelled once and for all! If you think about that killer 50s silhouette, the shoulders would be relatively broad, wist nipped right in (often with a stretch belt for even more definition) and then the huge puffy skirt. And that nipped in waist is exactly what makes this an amazingly flattering look! The key to getting this just right, it to identify where your smallest part is. For some of us this is the part just under the bust, also known as a high waist. For others, it’s right in the middle, and if you are low waisted then then it can even be a little further down. But once you have identified this, that’s the place you need to cinch in when wearing a swing skirt/dress and glorious petticoat. This is balance you perfectly and create the most flattering look and shape.

Vintage Petticoat | Vintage Clothing | Retro Petticoats

So now you know where to cinch your waist in, you can choose from so many different colours and types of petticoat. If you are lucky enough to find an original 1950s vintage petticoat then treasure it, as these are not so easy to find. We have had some really gorgeous examples in the past at my vintage, from delicate lemon to powder blue, and even a gorgeous baby pink with polka dots!

But fear not if you don’t have an original; as there are so many fantastic reproduction petticoats available in a rainbow of colours!

Retro Net Underskirt | Vintage Peticoat | Vintage Clothes

And yes of course, like any item of clothing or fashion; there are many different types of vintage style petticoats on the market. We’ve seen most, if not all of them and we absolutely have our favouvites, which we stock both online and in store.

Vintage Net Underskirt | Vintage Petticoats | Vintage Clothing

Our vintage style petticoats are full, fluffy, bouncy and most importantly – not scratchy! And just a little extra tip for you to boot… once you get your glorious petticoat from My Vintage; keep it scrunched up in a bag, drawer, cupboard or shelf and it will stay fuller for longer!

If you have any questions about petticoats, 50s style fashion or indeed anything else in vintage world; please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Em x



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