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Fashion Focus - The 1970s

The 1970s was such an exciting time for fashion for so many reasons. It was such a diverse era, the first time in history we saw so many different styles and 'fashion packs' from the hippies to the disco divas, the secretarial chic to the punks and so much more in-between. This was also the decade that first saw the introduction of vintage clothing as an everyday option as well as fashion designers using silhouettes and techniques of the past to create their new modern collections. There was a huge re-surge of 1940s fashion in the seventies and this is actually where the craze for platform shoes originated. These sole-stacked beauties were not an invention of the disco decade, but were brought back into vogue and evolved into something much bigger and wackier than their wartime predecessors.

There's no better way to finish off your vintage or retro outfit than with a pair of original platform heels! These are fantastic in classic versatile black with that sought after sandal style. 2" platform and whopping 5" heel! Available now - just click the image to go to the product page.

It was also cool to be different in the 1970s, rather than simply following the crowd. Thrifting became popular and women shopped in the menswear departments too. Unusual sources for fashion included army stores and catering supply companies as well as the vintage shops that were popping up all over town. Savvy fashionistas were snapping up lawn dresses from the turn of the century as well as dainty pin-tuck blouses and tea dresses. New fabrics were being developed and becoming available for both high street fashion and home dressmaking. Florals started to look more classic than the psychedelic daisies of the sixties and other antiques influences such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victoriana could be found in patterns, shapes, colours and textures.

This pretty 70s dress taps straight into the huge resurgence for the classic Victoriana style that was huge in the seventies. Multi paneled patterns of spots, paisley, stripes and check in rich wine and navy blue, with hints of grey. Ruffled bib and high neck with buttons down the bust. Dropped waist and pleated a-line skirt. Finished with a cute navy blue belt in faux leather with bow detail. To find out more or to purchase, just tap the image to go to the product page.

Of course we can't possibly talk about 1970s vintage fashion without looking at the trousers! Trousers were such a big staple to any woman's wardrobe in the seventies and again the styles were so diverse. The iconic 1970s trousers are of course the flares, but even these had many variations. High waisted or low rise, figure hugging with huge flares from the knee or loose and wide fit from the hip. There were also many other styles of trousers popular int he 1970s like cigarette pants, straight leg jeans or the ethereal flowing palazzo style. Trousers were simple, practical and comfortable but also uber stylish and this was the first era we really saw women embracing them daily. A typical 1970s daytime outfit would consist of some cotton or polyester high waisted trousers worn with a tunic top or a blouse and snug-fit knitted jumper or tank top. Embellishments such as oversized belts and super high platforms would take this understated chic to something more fashion and edgy.

I love these original 70s trousers from BHS - made in Britain. The have quite a smart tailored feel, high waisted with a skinny patent purple and gold belt. Front zip and button fastening. Classic front centre creases. Non stretch polyester fabric. They still have the original £8.99 price tag attached - the equivalent of around £50 today! For more information or to buy, just tap the image above to go to the main product page.

There isn't really a vintage decade that doesn't have an iconic selection of hats, from the veiled pill box of the 40s and 50s to the baker boy caps of the 60s. It's fair to say that the most iconic hat style of the 70s was the floppy wide brimmed hat. Loved by the boho babes, it was the perfect accessory to the peasant style maxi dresses of the era. Crowns were tall, brims were huge and colours were plentiful. Often made from felt and sometimes adorned with bows or feathers. Cloche style hats were also popular, harking back to the coveted style of the 1920s and the mods of course still loved their newsboy caps. The chic sophisticated vibes of the Paris fashion scene made berets the perfect choice for the classy fashionistas.

Simple and stylish vintage beret made from cream wool. Measures 10" across laid flat and head circumference approx 23". In very good vintage condition. Just tap the image to go to the main product page to purchase or see more.

The jewellery of the 1970s was also super varied, and it's probably my favourite era for vintage jewellery finds. There were many references back to the 1920s and 1930s with Art Deco influences and some nods to flapper fashion. Long pearl necklaces were also recreated with long coloured beads and tassles. Lots of rhinestones and diamantes of course and the quintessential cameo was also back with a bang. There were still many chunky plastic styles from the mods of the sixties but many women opted for more understated pieces. Silver wasn't hugely popular, it was all about gold from snake effect bangles, chandelier drop earrings and dainty bracelets. There was also room for kitsch jewellery with cute chokers and mood rings in demand with teenagers of the decade.

You can create two different looks with this super cool seventies bracelet. Narrow chevron type links which are all gold tone on one side and alternate gold and silver on the other. Snap catch closing and measures just over 7” long. A fab piece, available now. Just tap the image to see the full product page.

I'm sure you will agree there are some great pieces here and of course we have hundreds more both in-store and online. Seventies fashion offers so much variety and style that you might no have tapped into before. No matter what kind of shapes you like to wear, you can definitely find some treasures in the fashion archive of the fabulous 1970s. If you would like a little help finding the right piece or outfit for you, you can contact me anytime via our socials or directly on where I will be more than happy to offer my help and styling expertise. There are so many reasons to love the seventies, and hopefully I have given you a few more today too!

Until next time

Emma x

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