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Iconic Vintage Fashion Designers - Part Two

It seems you really enjoyed part one of my Iconic Vintage Fashion Designers fact file blog post, so I'm back with part two! This week I have hand picked another handful of the most influential fashion designers in history and my Top Five favourtie facts about them! Let's jump straight in...


Thomas Burberry Iconic Vintage Fashion Designer

Top Five Facts about Thomas Burberry...

  1. Thomas Burberry was teetotal and also campaigned against tobacco smoking.

  2. In 1914, Burberry received commission from the War Office to made adaptations to the officer's coats. The conditions of contemporary warfare had changed and new clothing was needed. This was the birth of the 'trench coat' we know today.

  3. Thomas Burberry invented gabardine; a tough and tightly woven fabric made with twill weave. It is still popular today for making overcoats and suits.

  4. Famous explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton wore Burberry for most of his expeditions as the fabric was lightweight and durable, perfect for even the toughest of conditions.

  5. Burberry's most infamous trademark in their beige Nova check, a huge 90s trend. But believe it or not, this was actually created back in 1924!


Mary Quant Iconic Vintage Fashion Designer

Top Five Facts about Mary Quant...

  1. In 1966, Mary Quant was awarded an OBE for her contribution to the fashion industry. She accepted her award whilst wearing a mini skirt!

  2. Mary Quant brought out her first range of underwear in the sixties, calling them "booby traps and bacon savers"!

  3. Quant is famously accredited with inventing the mini skirt but the name doesn't come from the tiny size of the garment but from her love of Mini cars. She loved these motors so much that she had one designed especially for her.

  4. In the 70s and 80s, Mary Quant concentrated more on home furnishings and makeup and in a Talk at the V&A museum in 2007, she claimed to have invented the duvet cover.

  5. Quant wasn't a fashion college alum, she was actually self taught and attended evening classes in cutting and sewing.


Vivienne Westwood Iconic Vintage Fashion Designer

Top Five Facts about Vivienne Westwood...

  1. Before she made her name in the world of fashion, Vivienne Westwood worked as a jeweller, a teacher and a factory worker.

  2. Fashion is clearly in her genes as both her sons now work in the industry. Her youngest son Joe Corre, is the founder of infamous lingerie company Agent Provocateur.

  3. Vivienne Westwood famously designed THAT wedding dress for Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie but her first wedding dress design was in 1962 for herself when she married Derek Westwood.

  4. Westwood has absolutely no interest in celebrities and pop culture and she does not watch television or read magazines or newspapers.

  5. It was only in 2000 that Westwood moved out of the council flat she had lived in for 30 years. She now lives in a house formally owned by Captain Cook's mother!


Oscar de la Renta Iconic Vintage Fashion Designer

Top Five Facts about Oscar de la Renta...

  1. la Renta was a huge fan of music and a great singer. He actually released an album of Spanish love songs in 1996 named "Recordando Amores Imposible"

  2. In the 1950s, Oscar worked as an apprentice for Spain's most legendary designer and couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga.

  3. Oscar del la Renta dressed every first lady in his career, apart from Michelle Obama. He said "It is a relation that began poorly and I think it will end the same way"

  4. His work isn't just vintage - he designed the wedding gown for Amal Alamuddin's wedding to the one and only George Clooney.

  5. He was charmingly self-deprecating and one of his funniest and most famous quotes was simply "I have the memory of a mosquito"!


Top Five Facts about Ralph Lauren...

  1. Ralph Lauren had a humble but interesting start to his career. He sold a selection of men's ties from the drawer of a showroom in the Empire State Building.

  2. Lauren is the first American fashion designer to receive an honorary knighthood from the British Empire, for his services to fashion. Prince Charles presented this to him in a 2019 private ceremony.

  3. In 1987 he had surgery to remove a large benign brain tumour and made a full recovery.

  4. In his early career, he was asked by Bloomingdale to remodel his ties by removing his name and re-labeling as 'Sutton East' - he refused!

  5. Ralph Lauren's estimated worth is around $7billion, placing him in the top 100 richest people on the planet!

I hope you enjoyed this week's look at some more of the most iconic vintage fashion designers. What was your favourite fact this time around? I love the fact that Mary Quant accepted her award in a classic mini skirt!

As always, we have lots more amazing stock arriving on the website this week and of course the shop is now open again too! It has been a lovely week seeing some of you in person and I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow! We have also now added Collect from Store to the checkout online so you can shop as normal,. chose this option and come to collect your order rather than have it posted!

Until next time

Emma x

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