• Emma

Iconic Vintage Fashion Designers - Part Two

It seems you really enjoyed part one of my Iconic Vintage Fashion Designers fact file blog post, so I'm back with part two! This week I have hand picked another handful of the most influential fashion designers in history and my Top Five favourtie facts about them! Let's jump straight in...


Thomas Burberry Iconic Vintage Fashion Designer

Top Five Facts about Thomas Burberry...

  1. Thomas Burberry was teetotal and also campaigned against tobacco smoking.

  2. In 1914, Burberry received commission from the War Office to made adaptations to the officer's coats. The conditions of contemporary warfare had changed and new clothing was needed. This was the birth of the 'trench coat' we know today.

  3. Thomas Burberry invented gabardine; a tough and tightly woven fabric made with twill weave. It is still p