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Fashion Focus - 1970s Dresses

When it comes to vintage fashion, vintage dresses are definitely one of the most popular items for us all year round. There are elegant 1940s tea dresses or stunning 1950s prom dresses, 1960s mod dresses and even outrageous 1980s party dresses. But if you’re looking for a type of vintage dress that is wearable, on-trend and pocket friendly then you need to be shopping for original 1970s dresses.

1970s fashion can get a bad rep at times but this era is so much more than ABBA-esque jumpsuits and disco hot pants. True enough, this was an era of so many different fashion trends and looks; from glam rock to boho and everything in between. When it comes to the style stakes, you might not automatically think that the seventies has so much to offer but when you take a closer look you can really be inspired.

As we already know, fashion goes round in circles and each new era tends to take inspiration from a bygone age. In the seventies there was a huge 1940s revival which saw the infamous platform shoe arrive back in vogue with even more height and glitz. Those tea dresses and shirtwaisters were brought back with a retro twist and blouses with pencil skirts took the look secretarial to a whole new level. Of course there were super long maxi skirts and tiny shorts as well as sequins, feathers, Lycra and of course hippy ethereal vibes. But my favourite of all 70s fashion has got to be the day dresses. Midi dresses, shirt dresses, knitted dresses and more. These are a game changer for your wardrobe and I’ve picked out five of my current favourites from our extensive range to show you...

70s Vintage Dress | 1970s Vintage Polka Dot Shirt Dress UK Size 18
70s Vintage Dress | 1970s Vintage Polka Dot Shirt Dress UK Size 18 £36

This fabulous plus size vintage dress is printed with classic polka dots and could be styled both casually with trainers and a cute head band or more dressed up with tights, heels and a jacket. A great versatile piece for all year round and just £36 in a UK Size 18. Find out more here... https://www.myvintage.uk/product-page/70s-vintage-dress-1970s-vintage-polka-dot-shirt-dress-uk-size-18

1970s Vintage Peter Barron Printed Silk Shift Dress UK Size 14
1970s Vintage Peter Barron Printed Silk Shift Dress UK Size 14

If a shift dress is more your thing, why not try this stunning silk dress from iconic 70s brand Peter Barron. the cream and navy palette is beautiful and in the colder weather this would look fabulous with a tight high neck top underneath, in a bright pop of colour. It’s a UK size 14 and comes in at £48. To find out more just go here: https://www.myvintage.uk/product-page/1970s-vintage-peter-barron-printed-silk-shift-dress-uk-size-14

Vintage Dress | 1970s Vintage Navy & Wine Victoriana Dress UK Size 14
Vintage Dress | 1970s Vintage Navy & Wine Victoriana Dress UK Size 14 £38

Speaking of high necks, another glorious style in seventies fashion is the victoriana/prairie style which features in many blouses and dresses. This gorgeous dress has a rich palette of blues and burgundies with long sleeves and that all important midi length. Another fantastic dress that comes in under £40. Just click here to find out more... https://www.myvintage.uk/product-page/vintage-dress-1970s-vintage-navy-wine-victoriana-dress-uk-size-14

1970s Vintage Mustard Striped Shirtwaister Dress UK Size 18
1970s Vintage Mustard Striped Shirtwaister Dress UK Size 18 £36

I’m slightly obsessed with this 70s shirtwaister dress! The colour palette is just everything and it is just so versatile to style. I can see it worn outrageously with mustard tights, chunky heels and a long overcoat but also really cool with a cropped jumper over the top and trainers. It’s a great little piece and one that will no doubt be snapped up soon. Check here to see if you can still grab it... https://www.myvintage.uk/product-page/1970s-vintage-mustard-striped-shirtwaister-dress-uk-size-18

1970s Vintage Autumnal Print Shirt Dress UK Size 10
1970s Vintage Autumnal Print Shirt Dress UK Size 10 £36

And last but by no means least, I’ve chosen this glorious autumn toned shirt dress in a UK size 10. Cute and short sleeved with a quirky front zip fastening, this is everything we would want from a 70s vintage day dress. Style it with tan books and a cute bag or with a mint green or burnt orange Mac, there are so many possibilities with such a beautiful colour palette and shape. To find more about this fab dress on our website just head to the link here... https://www.myvintage.uk/product-page/1970s-vintage-autumnal-print-shirt-dress-uk-size-10

As always, I really hope you have enjoyed my selection this week, and possibly developed a new appreciation for 1970s dresses. Whatever your fashion style or dress size, it’s likely you can find the perfect 70s dress for you at My Vintage. Head over to our dress section here... https://www.myvintage.uk/vintage-dresses

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, all be it a different one in 2020. Just remember to be grateful for the small things and make the most of it. Sending my best wishes to you and yours until next time.

Emma x

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