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vintage clothing WAS MADE TO LAST

Most people will hear the phrase 'vintage' in the same sentence as ‘clothing’ and think ‘second hand’ and probably come to the conclusion that they will pay a premium for the vintage clothing label because it is the ‘in’ thing to do.

However, were the same people presented with a wine of the vintage variety, they would probably deem it as a high-end product that is better with age. The same rule applies to vintage clothes. Today’s high street market consists of clothes that become disposable after a few weeks and are very rarely well made, certainly not as well made as the majority of vintage. The truth is these stores want a high turnover of profit so ship clothes in twice a week to satisfy the consumer demand of cheap and quick fashion fixes.

Vintage clothes are not a gimmick, it’s a market that consists of well-made clothes that have really stood the test of time and carried through to today, with fashionability that still looks chic. Vintage fashion is a true testimony to designers of yesteryear who made clothes that were designed not to fall apart at the seams after one wash, as well as putting a lot of time into the overall design of the garment. It represents women of the past and brings their class of a bygone era, where fashion was about being sophisticated and classy and rejuvenates them today.

In a world where everybody wants to be unique, people strive to stay that way. The chances are with vintage nobody else will be wearing the same thing as you, it allows you to keep your individuality, show off your personality and of course, never run the risk of the embarrassment of bumping in to your ‘outfit twin’ at a party, who may or may not wear it better than you! Not an ideal situation to be in…

One of the biggest bonuses and deep down you know this is the truth, is the smug feeling you get when somebody compliments you on something you’re wearing. It is the ultimate confidence booster and who doesn’t love to have their ego stroked every once in a while? Chances are because unique vintage is not something that can be found amongst racks of reproductions in different sizes, the compliments will come in thick and fast. The vintage clothes you are wearing won’t be something that people have seen before, at least not in this era. It is not possible to stress enough the difference in the quality of manufacturing of vintage clothing. The coats have proper linings, the dresses aren’t made from flimsy material, the shoes don’t run the risk of the heel falling off and the fur items are so well made because designers truly cherished the materials they were working with.

Vintage clothing reflects you, the past and fashion designs that become timeless.

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